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Hikvision 6MP CCTV Kit with 4 IP Turret Camera and Selectable NVR

Contains :
1x Hikvision 4ch PoE NVR, 40Mbps, H.265, 4 PnP Ports, VGA/HDMI, 1 HDD Bay + 3TB |

4x DS-2CD2365G-I Turret Cameras
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1x Hikvision 4ch PoE NVR, 40Mbps, H.265, 4 PnP Ports, VGA/HDMI, 1 HDD Bay + 3TB

Hikvision's HIK-7604NI-I1-4P is a 4-channel PoE network video recorder. This NVR houses a powerful chipset and can run the same version 4 graphical user interface (GUI) as the K-series. This brings this 4-channel NVR in line with the rest of the I-series range of network video recorders. In addition to the new v4 GUI, this new 4ch I-Series NVR now fully supports AcuSense, ColorVu, ANPR, people counting, thermal and heatmap cameras. The HIK-7604NI-I1-4P is ideal for residential areas and small commercial markets.

4x DS-2CD2365G-I Turret Cameras (Datasheet)






Hikvision's HIK-2CD2365G1-I2 is an easy IP network camera which is powered by Darkfighter technology.

This camera incorporates all the features a standard Hikvision camera has such as H.265/+ support, infrared illumination, 120db wide dynamic range and edge video analytics. This 6mm fixed lens turret camera rises above the standard range as it can produce a sharp and clear image in low-light conditions, down to 0.008 lux from its larger image sensory and 30m IR range. This range has been tested to deliver 24/7 video surveillance, and with improvements in noise reduction, making these cameras both a versatile and cost effective choice for a variety of security applications.


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