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Customized CAT5E patch cable suitable for use in installations


Experience reliable and efficient network connectivity with our Customized Cat5e Ethernet Cables. These ready-to-use cables, available in tailored meterage options, offer superior performance, durability, and compatibility. Say goodbye to connectivity issues and enjoy a seamless networking experience.
Please select your desired cable length and quantity and add them to your card. Then you can choose another cable length and use the same process to build your installation cable package.


Upgrade your network with our Customized Cat5e Ethernet Cables, designed to deliver reliable and high-speed connectivity for your various devices. Built with precision and quality in mind, these cables are an ideal choice for both residential and commercial networking setups.

Our Cat5e Ethernet Cables are constructed using high-grade materials, ensuring optimal performance and data transfer rates. With their superior twisted pair design and enhanced protection against crosstalk and interference, these cables provide a stable and consistent connection for your networking needs.

Experience the convenience of a tailored length that perfectly matches the distance between your devices. No more dealing with excess cable lengths or compromising on reach. Our custom meterage options allow you to select the exact length you require, ensuring a clean and organized setup.

Forget the hassle of cutting, crimping, or terminating cables yourself. Our ready-to-use Cat5e Ethernet Cables come socketed for your convenience, saving you time and effort during installation. Simply plug and play, and enjoy a hassle-free networking experience


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